Jagan's Trusted Aide - Krishna Mohan Reddy!

S Venkateshwari
There is a talk in political circles that ap cm YS jagan will never give up on the people who believe in him. OSD Krishnamohan reddy is one of Jagan's most trusted people. Krishnamohan reddy was appointed as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) after jagan assumed office as cm in the 2019 elections. Before that, Krishnamohan reddy worked as a Special Grade Deputy Collector.
It is known that ap cm YS jagan does not use the phone. A few days ago, jagan revealed the same thing in an interview given to a channel. But if jagan wants to talk to someone on the phone, they use his PA phone but krishna Mohan Reddy's phone, which shows how much faith jagan has in him. Jagan's close friends believe that Krishnamohan reddy is the embodiment of Jagan's faith.
OSD Krishnamohan reddy was also a witness in Viveka's murder case and jagan was a witness in OSD Viveka's case, so the fuss made by a section of the media was not all. However, if avinash Reddy informed that Krishnamohan reddy had died in the bathroom of YS Viveka, Krishnamohan reddy shut the mouths of newspapers and tv channels who were spreading negative propaganda by saying that he would have told jagan that information.
Krishnamohan reddy stays away from the media as much as possible. But he does not hesitate to respond if there is a need for him. Krishnamohan reddy is known as Jagan's trusted pawn. Three years ago, the wedding ceremony of his son was held at OSD Krishnamohan Reddy's house, and if jagan attended that ceremony too, it can be understood about the relationship between jagan and Krishnamohan Reddy.

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