He is likely to defeat the YCP candidate by a landslide this time..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

He is likely to defeat the ycp candidate by a landslide this time..!?

TDP leader B. Chinnola Janardhan reddy from kurnool district is contesting as mla from Banaganapalle constituency this time. In 2014, he won as mla from this constituency. In that election, he won against ycp candidate Katasani Ramireddy. With that, he was able to step into the assembly for the first time. He again contested from the same constituency in the 2019 elections but was defeated by Katasani Ramireddy. This time, bc janardhan reddy and Katasani Ramireddy are again contesting as mla candidates from Banaganapalle in the 2024 elections.

But this time it seems that the war will end on one side. Because during the election campaign, the people of Banaganapalle expressed full solidarity with bc Janardhan Reddy. They showered affection on him as a leader who won their hearts. They took it to their houses and gave aartis and blessed them saying that you should win this time and Vijayebhava.From six in the morning to ten at night, he participated in the election campaign tirelessly. At that time the people took the Brahmaratha. Enaleni showed their love for Janardhan Reddy. During this time, he was able to take TDP's six guarantees to the people.

  Janardhan reddy had developed the Banaganapalle constituency a lot when he was an MLA in the past. people are always available. Therefore, people feel that they cannot find a better leader than him. The people of that constituency thought that Janardhan reddy, a selfless servant who was conducting service programs with his own money, should win again. That is why the members of every house gave him a warm welcome. ycp may win in other constituencies of Rayalaseema but there is no one to beat Janardhan reddy in Banaganapalle. He is likely to defeat the ycp candidate by a landslide this time.

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