How the war has become one-sided here...!?

Sowmiya Sriram

How the war has become one-sided here...!?

- ravi is an undefeated hero, no matter the place and the party.

- A role model leader in today's generation politics.

- election as mla from three parties Congress, ycp, and TDP..!

The name gottipati ravikumar is a sensation in telugu politics. Gottipati Ravikumar, who entered politics at a young age, became an mla on behalf of the congress in 2004 from the canceled Martur constituency in Samman prakasam district. Ravikumar, who shifted to addanki in 2009 after the cancellation of Martur in the redistribution of constituencies, defeated karanam balaram, a political warrior from tdp in that election. In 2014, he won the ycp mla from the same addanki constituency and achieved a hat-trick victory. Ravikumar, who joined the telugu desam party in the wake of the changed political situation, won the 2019 election from Addanaki for the fourth time in a row.

Even if two constituencies change to Addna, congress, YCP and Telugu Desam change to three parties, there is no defeat in Ravikumar's history.  Ravikumar is an unstoppable political leader of the mass class. If Ravikumar is contesting, they don't see which party it is. ThereRavikumar has become a political brand. Antala Ravikumar penetrated the minds of people. Ravikumar defeated the leaders who came from families with good political backgrounds like Gottipati Narasiah - karanam balaram - Bachina Chenchu Garatiah - Karanam Venkatesh. Gottipati Ravi has become a role model leader in the politics of this generation. In 2014, all the leaders who won from YCP and switched parties and contested in tdp lost. However, ravi won in Addanaki. No matter how much ravi has been targeted since jagan came to power, the party has not changed.

 Even Jagan's hopes of defeating ravi are gone. Buthere there is only a small hope that bapatla can save the parliamentary seat if the majority is reduced. Constituency YCP leaders are saying that the majority will be 30+, it seems clear how the war has become one-sided here.

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