Modi's key decision regarding temples..

Modi government plans to set up libraries in temples. Generally when people go to a temple they want to know about that god, Hindu traditions and culture. They also want to read religious texts. But books are not available in temples in india at present. Small details are written on the stone tablets but those who want to get more knowledge are not able to do so.
Recently an isro official suggested that it is mandatory to have a library in temples. It is not known whether the idea came to him first, or whether he disclosed the idea of the bjp government to the public, but it seems that the central government is ready to set up libraries in prominent temples. bjp always strives to protect Hindu religious temples and focuses on building new temples. Also tries to inform people about Hinduism. As a part of that, it was also decided to build libraries in temples.
But many people want to start Vedic schools in famous temples as a library alone is not enough. After the lok sabha elections, the Center may set up libraries with valuable books in prominent temples across the country. Otherwise, there are chances of Modi coming back to power this time. They say that the majority may be reduced but it is impossible for the congress or the I.N.D.I.A alliance to win.
Currently, the parliamentary elections are going on. Counting of general election votes will be held on june 4. On that day, who will be the cm in ap state and who will be the PM in the center will be known. Let's see who's future will be. In ap, bjp has competed with tdp too. bjp has nothing to lose if they lose but Chandrababu and Pawan will be badly hit.

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