AP: Do you know this? CBN after Jagan?

AP politics is going on juicy. All the people of Andhra are eagerly waiting for the election results which are going to be released on june 4. Some post poll surveys are in favor of ycp while others are in favor of TDP. In this order, the victory is ours, and those who are slow are showing. There is also a campaign that a tight fight is going on in this order and the magic figure will not get more than one or two seats. YS jagan is currently on a foreign tour. It is known to all that the cbi court has also given green signal to him to travel abroad for 15 days.
According to reliable sources, jagan, who left ap on the night of 17th of this month, will reach london and then visit countries like switzerland and france and reach ap on june 1st. Jagan's foreign tour schedule is as follows. But there is another campaign that there has been a change in this and that jagan will come to ap before the schedule. It is not known how much truth is in these news but the matter of foreign trip has now turned towards Babu. Yes, on the other hand there are reports that Babu will also come to ap by 27th of this month after completing his week-long trip to America.
The thing is... some say that both cm jagan and opposition leader Chandrababu will reach ap almost at the same time... No, Babu is coming to ap after jagan and there are rumors that he will continue his tour a little late as he has doubts about the election results. Political analysts say that ap politics is going to be in full swing. It is said that by then the countdown will start for the counting as well. Anyway, this time the elections were held in the same way. netizens say that the leaders' strategies are the same.

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