Will Pawan make ripples in Pithapuram?

It is known that janasena is emerging as the largest party in andhra pradesh after ycp and TDP. However, fans of the party believe that janasena, which won one seat in the last election, will reach double digits this time. This time, his fans strongly believe that the janasena party, which is a partner in the alliance, will get double-digit seats, and for the first time, Pawan Kalyan, a member of the janasena, will also step into the Sansa Sabha. 

On behalf of janasena, only one person from rajolu won. But this time, as a coalition, the janasena party is going to enter the assembly strongly in this election. Comments are being heard from his fans on social media. However, the party's fans are expecting double digits this time. A senior leader of the janasena party said that they will win ten to twelve seats. It is known that janasena candidates have chances of winning in half of the seats. This time pawan kalyan is contesting from Pithapuram. Now this seat has become a hot seat.
Here Vanga Geeta is also a strong opponent on behalf of ycp to compete with Pawan. When it comes to who will win between the two.. pithapuram has not developed since many years. Even though many leaders came, they could not develop Pithapuram. But this time the people there have faith in the assurances from Pawan and Geeta. SC, st minority communities favor ycp so geetha has a chance of getting votes. That is not to say that pawan kalyan will lose. Because there is faith in Pawan too.

So this time the people of pithapuram are more likely to give a chance to pawan kalyan and win. Moreover, pawan kalyan has support from Kapus too. Moreover, the india Herald survey has shown that people in pithapuram are ready to give a chance to newcomers, which means that pawan kalyan is likely to win.

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