Kanhaiya Kumar for first time after the attack in Delhi

Kanhaiya Kumar for first time after the attack in Delhi…

On May 17, congress candidate from North-East Delhi, Kanhaiya Kumar, was attacked outside the aam aadmi party office in New Osmanpur area of Delhi. Kanhaiya Kumar addressed the media for the first time on May 18 after the attack on him on Friday. He said on saturday that he is holding the press conference so that 'democracy and the Constitution' remain safe. He said, "The electoral process is going on in the country. There is an election commission in the country, which has the responsibility of conducting elections in a fair and transparent manner. I am not worried about my safety."

Ink was thrown by unknown people

Kanhaiya Kumar, congress candidate from North east Delhi, said about the attack on him, "I was born on the soil of Bihar. Struggle is my life." In fact, on Friday, some people had allegedly attacked Kanhaiya Kumar in New Osmanpur assembly constituency. Ink was thrown on him. The incident took place outside the AAP office in New Osmanpur area.

'Manoj Tiwari's hand behind the attack'

This incident took place when Kanhaiya Kumar was coming out of the aam aadmi party office. During this, some people come with garlands and proceed to garland Kanhaiya Kumar. While garlanding her, she is attacked and the accused knock her down. However, Kanhaiya Kumar's supporters present in the crowd immediately caught the young man. Kanhaiya Kumar has accused manoj tiwari of being behind this incident.

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