'Swati Maliwal defamed', Virendra Sachdeva alleged

'Swati Maliwal defamed', Virendra Sachdeva alleged…

As the voting time in delhi is getting closer, the political parties do not want to miss even a single opportunity to attack each other. This is the reason why the aam aadmi party and the Congress's bharatiya janata party If it is targeting against bjp then bjp also does not miss the opportunity to touch his sore spot. In this series, bjp has recently attacked the common man regarding the swati Maliwal episode.

BJP's delhi State President Virendra Sachdeva has targeted aam aadmi party on the allegation of assault on rajya sabha mp swati Maliwal. Virendra Sachdeva alleges that aam aadmi party has tried to defame swati Maliwal. The cm himself should come in front of the media and give an explanation on this kind of behavior being meted out to his two decade old colleague. They should tell what is the truth?

What else did Virendra Sachdeva say?

Delhi bjp President Virendra Sachdeva has said that when Kejriwal's associate Vibhav Kumar has been arrested, the day is not far when untouched aspects of politics related to aam aadmi party will also become public. According to delhi bjp President, it is surprising that cm was hiding Vibhav Kumar in his own house, which clearly shows how close Vibhav and him are.

Those close to the cm are citing protocol

According to Virendra Sachdeva, edited videos are being circulated in social media groups since yesterday with the intention of defaming swati Maliwal, who is a member of the Aam Aadmi Party. Taking a dig at the cm, Sachdeva said, "The same swati Maliwal was very close to chief minister arvind kejriwal till some time ago. Three months ago, chief minister kejriwal had made her a member of the rajya sabha and today Team kejriwal and Maliwal have come to meet the Chief Minister. Talking about protocol, despite being a major political party, no bjp mp has to follow any protocol to meet the state president.

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