What happened on the polling day.. The pen drive creating chaos..??

Assembly elections were held on 13th. During this time big fights took place in Palnadu district as well as many other districts. Photos and videos of tdp ranks attacking ycp were circulated. media video coverage also showed tdp leaders jumping into polling booths and intimidating voters. tdp also attacked ycp polling agents. The ycp accused them of trying to cast stolen votes. They complained that if they went to block it, they would be counter-attacked. Bloody incidents of violence were seen on the polling date.
But for so many days, people thought that tdp was the one who had done such attacks out of fear of defeat, but now the tdp leaders gave an unexpected shock, they brought out a pen drive saying that these attacks were not done by them but by YCP. It has been announced that all the attacks done by the ycp have been recorded in this pen drive and it has been handed over by Vineeth, the leader of the Special Investigation Team. On the other hand, the election commission has appointed a SIT team to investigate the incidents of violence on the polling date. The tdp says that this pen drive was given with the intention of making the SIT investigation transparent.
After many days, he came to the bjp office freely and was able to provide the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital proof. He said that the situation is good now and if he comes to power, such peaceful conditions will prevail all the time. Speaking on the occasion of handing over this pen drive, varla ramaiah made it clear that there will be no shortage of law and order in his government. It remains to be seen what is in that pen drive. Now it is creating a stir.

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