Pawan's dream is going to be fulfilled after the elections?

This time the election seems to be a good sign for Jana Sena. It seems that the dream of the people who have been waiting for many years is coming true. Many are analyzing that almost pawan kalyan will win. It is not just that he will win.. Jana Sena is said to have a good chance of becoming the third largest party this time.

After forming the party ten years ago, janasena is likely to get the highest number of seats in the assembly this time. janasena, which managed only one seat in the last election, will reach double digits this time, and there are expectations that janasena will also step into the assembly, so the joy of fans knows no bounds. Even though it has been a prosperous period since the formation of janasena, it has contested only two elections so far. Supporting the alliance in 2014.. Then he took a wrong step and went to the polls with the left parties and was defeated in two places.

Immediately he realized his mistake and decided to walk with BJP. Now we all know that Pawan's role is crucial with the formation of an alliance in AP. His fans are hoping that if the nda alliance comes to power in ap now, the number 2 post will be secured. Chandrababu did not lose his respect even during the election campaign.

And in the government too, the campaign to give him the post of deputy cm is going on. Even if he loses, there are chances of Jana Sena emerging as an alternative power in ap along with the assembly. Pawan will become the strongest opposition leader after Chandrababu. If the nda comes to power at the center, there is no chance of Pawan becoming a Union minister. All in all, this election is going to give a good boost to Pawan. In a sense, these are good auspicious results for Janasena.

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