Working Women: Women are less unemployed than men, government data reveals.

Working Women: women are less unemployed than men, government data reveals.

There is a continuous increase in the number of women working in indian companies. The country is changing and half the population is becoming self-reliant. Although men have been dominating India's workforce, now women are also not lagging behind, they are stepping out of the house and finding an equal place in work. Not only this, the number of urban working women has increased at a rapid pace. Let us tell you that the number of women workers has reached 25.6 percent. And this figure is official. According to the report of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, if we look at the data of just one year, the number of working women has increased by about three percent.

MSPL has said in its report that the number of women workers in urban areas, which was 22.7 percent in the period january to march 2023 last year, has increased to 25.6 percent in the same quarter in 2024. Not only this, the labor force participation rate (LFPR) of adolescents above 15 years of age in urban areas has also increased from 48.5% to 50.2% (January-March 2023 to January-March 2024).

The report released by the National Statistics office states that a huge decline has been seen in the unemployment rate of women in the period from january to March. It has also been told in this government data that the female unemployment rate has come down to 8.5 percent in the march quarter of this year, which was 9.2 percent in the same period last year.Let us tell you that between january and march, there has been a slight decline in the total unemployment rate. Last year the unemployment rate was 6.8 percent, which has come down to 6.7 percent only.

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