Nagababu's true identity has been revealed..

There is no doubt that mega family and janasena party are getting irreparably damaged due to certain things done by mega brother Nagababu. nagababu, who had posted a few days ago to degrade Allu Arjun's status, recently said on social media that he has deleted that post. But the netizens are reacting by saying that Adusu should not be trampled.

Why is nagababu wrong? Why try to correct that mistake? netizens are asking. Did bunny ever comment about mega family or Janasena? Questions are also heard on this occasion. But at the same time, Mahesh, who passed away, made sensational comments about mega family as Daga family.

Explaining Allu Arjun's help to nagababu and janasena, Potina Mahesh reacted that nagababu forgot to thank him and made a comment about Allu Arjun. He asked whether those who use and abandon the value of friendship and trust know that even if they give milk to a snake, the snake will bite. He said that after knowing that Nagababu's financial condition was not good, he made nagababu as a co-producer for the movie Na Naam surya and gave him 3 crore rupees.
Pothina Mahesh said that bunny supported nagababu by giving him roles in two more films. He stated that nagababu is spewing poison even though he donated 2 crores to bunny janasena in 2019. Those who criticized Allu's family who stood by mega family should be called Mega Family? Or the Daga family? Mahesh made sensational comments saying that. Pawan and nagababu are often criticized by Mahesh who has become a target.

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