14 years of CM and 40 Years of Political Career for CBN - Jagan scared?

Voting process ended on 13th May in AP.. especially for any party, even though that party is slow.. many leaders are also nervous.. especially this time as the voting process has registered more than 81%, everyone is anxiously waiting to see what will happen. They are also doubtful about whether it will come. Especially tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu's constituency is also heavily betting.

Especially since the voting percentage has also increased there, whose calculations are they telling. Interest has also changed in state politics on the question of who will win the pile. So far Chandrababu has gone to the assembly 7 times. He is going to test his luck for the 8th time. tdp is saying that not only did it win in a heap but it was a majority of one lakh votes. On the other hand, ycp party not only wants to see Chandrababu's defeat, but they have made arrangements accordingly and are very slow.

Especially 14 years old CM. Chandrababu keeps saying 40 years political experience.. However, Dhima is nowhere to be seen that he will win the elections this time.. Also, Chandrababu campaigned by putting his family in the field not to let his hand slip in the heap this time. Even in kuppam, there is no doubt that he will win this time with 90 percent voting polling. A bit of fear is still visible in Chandrababu. Chandrababu also visited kuppam three times within six months. Bharat, who belongs to the bc community, has been placed in the ycp party. In particular, cm Jagan gave his promise to the people that not only does he have the support of the ycp party but also that if the ycp party wins, he will definitely be included in the cabinet. Also minister Peddareddy also focused more on kuppam than his constituency. With this, it seems that in the past polling was recorded in elections exceeding 85%. As a whole, the people do not know which party they voted for and the leaders are scratching their heads. Let's see what happens on june 4.

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