With such a cross voting situation, Can Car win the race?

Parliament elections in telangana are over. With this, it has become interesting to see who will win the election results that will be released on june 4. However, political analysts predict that there has been an extreme cross-voting in telangana in this parliamentary election. Because when the BRS party came into the opposition, congress aimed to vacate that party.

  In this order, sitting MLAs, MPs and all the key leaders were also successfully included in Hastam party. The leaders of that party have clearly said that some more people are going to join the congress in the coming days. In the background of such circumstances, the election of that parliament has become very prestigious for the BRS party. But as all the key leaders of the party have joined the congress fold, the situation is that they cannot find the right candidates to stand at least in the elections. At a time like this, if we lose in the parliament elections, the confidence of the other leaders in the party will also be lost.

  On the other hand, if it wins the congress, which has already won the Assembly, it will threaten the BRS. It does not matter that BRS got less seats in the parliamentary elections. But congress is aiming to win the majority of seats and BRS. It is in this order that the car party has cross-voted. However, BRS could not field any well-known leaders in this parliamentary election. Medak, Bhuvanagiri, Malkajgiri, Chevella, Nizamabad, Khammam, Adilabad, Karimnagar, which is the seat of congress, did not field strong candidates in most of the parliamentary constituencies. In a way, no one knows the candidates who have been fielded in some places.

  It doesn't matter if such candidates are fielded and they don't vote for BRS. But don't let congress win. If the car doesn't go to the party, punch the lotus. But there is a talk that the leaders of the car party said in the campaign that they should not give anything to the Congress. BRS candidates also internally campaigned in the respective parliamentary constituencies to win more seats for the bjp, thinking that they would be defeated if the congress wins under any circumstances. It is said that the ground level BRS activists also did the same. The cross-voting done by BRS will now come together with BJP. A talk is being heard that the bjp will win more seats than the ruling Congress.. and that will indirectly benefit the Karu Party.. That is why the Rose party leaders and workers cross-voted like this.

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