Cross-voting tension in those four constituencies..?

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, it is still uncertain which party will come to power. The latest results of the Janmat survey revealed that the survey organization has revealed that the ycp will come to power in the state, but there is a chance for the ycp to win only in 93 to 96 seats. Even the ycp leaders are holding their breath as the results of the surveys coming out after the elections are positive for their party.
The cross-voting tribe is putting tension on the mp candidates of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakha, Anakapalli. In many constituencies, the mp candidates are shocked to know that the rebels have worked against them. It is noteworthy that in this parliamentary constituency, there is a loud discussion about who will be beaten by the voters. It seems that due to cross voting, some candidates have changed their word even in the matter of majority.
It can be said that we have to wait until the results of the elections to know whether the cross-voting alliance will be defeated or the ycp will be defeated. It seems that the votes from the rival parties in the home towns of the mp candidates also fell with favor. Both alliance leaders and tdp leaders are eagerly waiting for june 4, it remains to be seen what will happen at that time. We need to know who cross voting is a boon and who is a curse.
Those who thought they would get a majority of 1 lakh or 2 lakh are now thinking that it will be enough if they win. It seems that in many families the votes of the husbands went to the alliance while the votes of the wives went to the YCP. It seems that almost 60 percent of women's votes were polled in favor of the fan. It is reported that women's votes will become crucial in constituencies where there is a tough fight.

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