AARAA is making YCP sleepless with one word..!

Assembly and parliament elections in andhra pradesh concluded on 13th May. The leaders who have made many efforts to win before the election and have struggled for about two or three months are saying that we will win after the election. This time the voting percentage was higher. One says it is an advantage for us, another says it is an advantage for us.
All the main parties are full of confidence saying that we are going to win. According to their information, newspapers and media are saying that one party will win and another party will win. Otherwise, the words of Ara Mastan many times in the past have come true in the elections. With that, most of the people believe his words.
Otherwise, he said a few words on the election day. They are currently putting ycp Nee full tension. Do you know what Mastan actually said... He was live on tv 9 channels on May 13 when the elections were going on. At that time he was currently holding elections. I don't know what the turnout will be.
He said that if the voter turnout is higher than last time, it is definitely a plus for the alliance. This time the percentage of voting was slightly higher than the previous assembly elections. With this, ycp leaders and workers voted more this time than last time. Is it possible that it will be a plus for an alliance like Aaraa Mastan..? They are all tensed. And we have to wait till june 4th to know who will get a place with the increased voting percentage...who will get a minus.

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