Modi- Rahul: Kindred spirits!!

Sindujaa D N
Did you notice these things in Modi-Rahul's affidavits? It is noteworthy that both have similarities in some respects! Modi and rahul are in the same situation mainly in matters like house and car!!
All over the country, when the general election is in full swing, leaders and leaders are busy with campaign activities. Many leaders have gone into a holiday mood where the elections have already been completed! elections will be held soon in two key constituencies where rahul gandhi and prime minister Modi will participate. With this... both leaders are busy in campaigns.
On this occasion, in the context of this year's lok sabha elections, the details of the assets disclosed in the affidavit submitted to the returning officers by the two key leaders for filing their nominations have attracted widespread interest. At this time, the details of the properties of both came to the fore. It is noteworthy that both have similarities in some respects! Modi and rahul are in the same situation mainly in matters like house and car!!
Prime minister Modi's affidavit:

Recently, in the affidavit filed by prime minister Modi for contesting the varanasi lok sabha seat, he disclosed that he has a total of Rs 3.02 crore in assets. As part of this, Modi stated that he has Rs. 52,920 in his hand... He said that he has Rs. 73,304 in the bank of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">state bank of india NSC branch in Gandhinagar and Rs. 7 thousand in the shivaji Nagar branch in Varanasi. At the same time... it was revealed that there are fixed deposits of Rs. 2.85 crores in SBI. Similarly, it has been revealed that Rs. 9,12,398 have been invested in the National Savings Certificate. He said that he has 4 gold rings worth Rs. 2,67,750.
In the same order... he said that the income tax deducted for the financial year 2023-24 is estimated at Rs.3,33,179. Similarly, Modi said that he has no personal loans, no cars, no own house, no agricultural land, no non-agricultural land, no commercial buildings, no debts. In the same sequence... Modi who revealed the name of "Jashodaben" under the spouse column... It is noteworthy that he did not know the details of her assets (not known!)!
Rahul Gandhi's Affidavit:

As for rahul Gandhi... he disclosed that he has total assets of Rs.20 crores. He stated that he has Rs.55 thousand in his hand by march 15, 2024... He said that there is Rs.26,25,157 in the sbi savings account and hdfc savings account. As far as the investments are concerned... it has been revealed that there are investments worth Rs. 1,90,000 in the company belonging to Young Indian.. and the value of the share in the shares of other listed companies. Along with these, rahul bought shares in companies like Asian Paints, Bajaj Finance, Hindustan Unilever, Titan, and tcs and made investments.
In the same order... he said that the value of investments in mutual funds is Rs. 3,81,33,572. Similarly... the value of investments in sovereign gold bonds as of march 15 was stated to be Rs.15,21,740. In the affidavit, it was disclosed that there are investments of Rs.61,52,426 in the PPF account. Similarly... rahul who stated in his affidavit that he has jewelry and other valuable ornaments worth Rs. 4,20,850... has disclosed that he has assets of Rs. 9,24,59,264 under the column of assets. As far as immovable property is concerned... his sister priyanka gandhi said in the affidavit that the value of the agricultural land and farmhouse building she owns is Rs. 2,10,13,598. Under the Commercial Buildings column, the assets worth Rs.9,04,89,000 are included and the total value of fixed assets is Rs.11,15,02,598. Along with this, it was announced that there is a debt of Rs.49.7 lakhs. At the same time, he said that he had no cars.

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