Yarapathineni is an Unstoppable Mass hero among Farmers..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
Yarapathineni is an Unstoppable mass hero among Farmers..!!
- Yarapathineni contesting the assembly for the seventh time.
- Yarapathineni is recognized as a mass leader among women.
- Yarapathineni made water trouble-free for the farmers.

Yarapathineni Srinivasa Rao, a senior tdp leader, has been ruling politics for the past three decades from the gurazala constituency, which is the gateway to the Palnadu region in the guntur district. Till now, Yarapathineni contested for assembly from tdp six times in gurazala, won three times, and lost three more times. He is contesting the assembly for the seventh time in the current elections. It must be said that Yarapatineni is an unstoppable mass leader of the entire guntur district from any party. Ever since Yarapathineni became a first-time MLA, the connectivity with the masses has been very high. He penetrates widely into the masses. Among the lower and middle-class poor classes, Yarapathineni can respond immediately to any problem.
During Yarapathineni's time as MLA, he responded immediately to any problem and made water trouble-free for the farmers. That is what made him an unstoppable mass hero among farmers, women, and other poor classes. All his good deeds are coming together well for him in the elections this time.

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