Jagan's Twin Blow with One Masterstroke!

It is known that the chief minister of andhra pradesh YS Jaganmohan reddy is moving ahead with the goal of winning.. As part of that, he is reminding them of the welfare schemes undertaken by him in the name of bus Yatra. It is known that the bus yatra is getting huge response from the people too.. Recently Jaganmohan reddy gave check to both the parties as part of the bus yatra.
His aim is not only to come to power in AP. At every step of the trip, people are getting an unprecedented response. On the one hand, the bus trip is saying that we are all ready.. On the other hand, the response of the people is on the other side.. party leaders are instilling enthusiasm and strategizing everywhere.. And as a part of this bus trip, jagan is making the oppositions laugh. tdp and Jana Sena suddenly squatted when they saw the yatra going to the public.. Especially since ycp got more mileage than expected from the people, the enthusiasm also increased in YCP. Recently, they are taking strategic steps to give a strong counter to the opposition. YS Jaganmohan reddy bus yatra has already been successful across the state in rayalaseema and Kosta districts. They are moving forward with full vigor with the additions from other parties, public meetings and road shows. And now they have struck another blow with the bus trip.

On the other hand, he is checking the tdp with his bus trip along with the janasena party. While participating in the election campaign across the state, the party's active leaders are being criticized. Key leaders of tdp from rayalaseema and Coast districts are being inducted into YCP. ycp is preparing the activity to have more additions soon. Along with Pottula Panchayat, the TDP-held constituency is giving voice to discontent. Jaganmohan reddy, who is already busy with the election campaign, is taking steps to get some more members into the ycp before the polling process is over.. jagan is planning to check both parties at the same time and deal an irreversible blow.

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