Does Jagan Own THAT Credit in Telugu States?

These are the days when politics has become the domain of millionaires. Contesting elections has become a multi-crore affair. That is why parties are looking for those who can spend heavily in elections. Tickets are being tied to such people. In a democracy, the power of the state is limited to the rich. In this context, YSP is at the forefront of the parties that are giving opportunity to the common people to sit in the legislatures.

There are many examples of this. Vidada Rajini, who is currently the minister of AP, is an ordinary bc woman. jagan recognized her and gave her a ticket to Chilakaluri Peta. After being elected to the assembly, jagan also made her a minister. Similarly, nandigam suresh too. tirupati sitting mp Gurumurthy is the same. A physician, cm jagan gave him an mp ticket and won from tirupati and sent him to Delhi.

That is the situation of Anakapalli sitting Bishetti Satyavathi. She is a commoner. Another mp Boddeti madhavi also came from a very ordinary family and became an MP. rampachodavaram MLA Nagulapalli Dhanalakshi is another example. All these are political experiments done by jagan in 2019. They were very successful. They have proved that jagan will crown the common man too.

It must be said that this time also jagan has continued the same path to some extent. This time also there are many common people among those who gave jagan ticket. tirupati Rao Yadav in Mylavaram, Gaddala narayana rao Yadav in Kanigiri, Sheikh Kasip in vijayawada West, tipper driver Veeranjaneyu in Shinganamala... these are some direct examples. In the current politics of telugu states, we can say that jagan has the credit of giving such a large number of common people the title.

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