Because of Anupama, this new twist will come in the show

Because of Anupama, this new twist will come in the show…

The tv serial Anupama is becoming quite interesting. A lot of drama is being seen in the show. Ever since the entry of new characters in the show, the show has been liked more. Now a tremendous twist will be seen in the show, after which it is speculated that a new character from the show may be eliminated. Let us tell you what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of Anupama. A big accident is going to happen in the upcoming episode of Anupama, after which Aadhya may go into shock. Actually, according to the report, Anuj and shruti may part ways even before marriage. According to the india Forum, shruti is going to be shot.

This twist will come in Anupama

Yes, according to media reports, the chapter of goons who became enemies of Toshu is not over yet. Once again those goons will come to harass Anupama. In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that when Anupama, Pari, Shruti, and Aadhya are together, goons will come there.

Shruti will get shot

During this, the goons will catch Aadhya and Pari and take them into their custody. Anupama will be very upset seeing her children like this. Anupama will try to save Aadhya without caring for her life. But the goons will point guns at him. The goons will not only point the gun at Anupama but will also open fire but during this, the bullet will hit Shruti.

Aadhya will blame Anupa

After being shot, Shruti's life will be in danger and she will be taken to the hospital. Now Aadhya will be shocked to see shruti in this condition. She will be so upset that she will blame it all on Anupama. She will tell Anupama that if anything happens to Shruti, she will never forgive her. Now it has to be seen how Anuj reacts to all this. Also, it will be interesting to see whether Shruti's character will be eliminated from the show.

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