PM Modi's stormy tour, know when and where rally?

PM Modi's stormy tour, know when and where rally?

Voting has taken place today for six out of 29 lok sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh. Now there will be a fight for 23 seats in the state. bharatiya janata party is taking the lok sabha elections very seriously, which is why its central leaders are continuously focusing on madhya pradesh and are touring and participating in road shows including public meetings. prime minister Narendra Modi has visited the state thrice so far, whereas now he will visit madhya pradesh three more times in the next eight days including today.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has so far visited Jabalpur, Balaghat, and Pipariya, while today prime minister Modi has visited Damoh. The prime minister addressed a public meeting in Damoh today, while on april 24 he will address a public meeting in Sagar-Betul. Speaking at the rally in Damoh, PM Modi said that a strong government can take the country towards development and the development in the last 10 years is an indicator of this. Voting for the Damoh lok sabha seat of Bundelkhand region will be held in the second phase on april 26.

Public meeting for rahul singh Lodhi

Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Imlai village adjacent to Damoh. All the venues in the 45-acre area were prepared for the Prime Minister's public meeting. bjp has made rahul singh Lodhi its candidate for the Damoh lok sabha seat, while Congress's Tarwar Singh Lodhi is in the fray.

Voting on these seats in the second phase

Voting is to be held in four phases for 29 lok sabha seats of Madhya Pradesh. Voting took place for six seats today, while in the second phase, voting will be held on six seats in the state on april 26. These seats include Tikamgarh, Damoh, Khajuraho, Satna, Rewa, and Hoshangabad seats.

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