CBN and YSR - How Close They Are?

• No Friends or Foes in Political Arena
• CBN & ysr were too close in Congress
• Political Heat kept their Friendship at Bay
It is a famous saying that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. YS Rajasekhar reddy and chandrababu naidu stand as real examples of that. These two leaders from rayalaseema continued as rivals for years. As long as YS was alive, fire was poured on Chandrababu. Politically, as rivals, they took new heights. Both of them data-faced political heat in many elections. Their political struggle is particularly noteworthy in the 2004 and 2009 elections.

And in the assembly, there was a war of words between them. Many people don't know that these two who became enemies were very good friends in the beginning. Because both entered politics in the same year. Both started their political career in 1978. Both were initially in the Congress. Chandrababu moved his legs and rose higher and became a minister in a short period while he was in the Congress. After ntr started his party, Chandrababu came to tdp and played a key role. With this, YS and Chandrababu parted ways.

Nara chandrababu naidu and YS Rajasekhara reddy were good friends in the early days of joining the congress party. Chandrababu also recalled in many interviews in the past that there were many occasions when the two shared the same roof. In the middle of Balakrishna's Unstoppable 2 show, chandrababu naidu was asked who was his best friend and chandrababu naidu spontaneously said 'YS Rajasekhara Reddy'.

In the early days of joining the congress, both Chandrababu and ysr were very close. The congress leaders in 1977 and 83 knew this very well. Chandrababu used to say that he had no personal enmity with Rajasekhara reddy except for political enmity. It is said that when Chandrababu was attacked by Naxals, ysr himself called and got information about Chandrababu's well-being. Recently YS sharmila invited Chandrababu to his residence to attend her son's wedding. At that time, Chandrababu mentioned about his relationship with her and YS. YS sharmila said that Chandrababu remembered how close it was back then. YS and Chandrababu, who were so friendly in the beginning, later became political enemies after traveling on different paths politically.

During a Political war of words, ysr said that tdp would be finished after the 2009 elections. A few days after that, YS passed away in a helicopter accident. Be it friendship or enmity, the first thing that comes to mind is ysr and Chandrababu. These two names will always have a special place in telugu Politics.

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