Survey: Jagan's Victory Assured?

Sindujaa D N

As the general elections draw near nationwide, candidates in andhra pradesh are feeling the pressure, particularly with the assembly elections looming. Campaigns are in full swing, with parties engaged in intense battles to secure support. The Yuvajana Sramika Rythu congress Party (YCP) exudes confidence, asserting their inevitable victory, while the opposition alliance vows to unseat jagan this time.

Several surveys circulating in andhra pradesh predominantly favour the ycp, indicating their likely triumph. Notably, the renowned channel NDTV, known for its accurate surveys, recently conducted a poll in the state, reaffirming the prevailing winds of change. According to this survey, jagan, running under the alliance of TDP, BJP, and Jana Sena, is poised for a resounding victory.

The survey projects Jagan's return to power with 112 assembly seats and an additional 16 seats in the Parliament. The alliance is forecasted to secure around 60 mla seats, with limited prospects beyond that. Furthermore, the survey anticipates the alliance clinching 9 mp seats. In contrast, the congress party's electoral prospects appear bleak.

The survey attributes Jagan's potential victory to his welfare schemes and the YCP's fulfilment of nearly all its promises, garnering widespread support. With a track record of implementing initiatives, the ycp appears poised to fly its flag high once more, as echoed by numerous surveys, signalling a continuation of its dominance in andhra pradesh politics.

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