Jagan - Ready with his Third Strategy!

Elections in andhra pradesh are being fought between ycp TDP parties. Especially as the election time approaches, they are campaigning in a competitive manner. ap cm Jaganmohan reddy has written a three-step strategy as part of the election campaign. The first strategy was started with the preparation meeting.. They organized preparation meetings in Uttarandhra, Coastal, rayalaseema etc. in each region.. Finally they concluded the preparation meeting in Chilakaluripet.
The second strategy is bus trip. All of us are continuing the yatra from that end to this end in the name of Samara. They are visiting 25 parliament seats per district per day according to the respective calculations. This is also going to be completed soon. east Godavari, Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam etc. According to his route map, we are going to complete the Memanta sarah sabha in five or six days.
As soon as we all complete the preparatory meeting, another strategy is going to start the heli-cotter tour. jagan is going to go ahead by making arrangements for three to four meetings a day in the heli-cotter. One at 10 in the morning, another at 12.. one at 3 in the evening, one at 5. They are planning like this. Without depending on others, jagan is planning and moving forward in this strategic route as if he is his own people. There are reports from the ycp leaders that various exercises are being done to release the manifesto soon. It seems that this manipost is going to impress everyone.

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