The Place that became TDP Stronghold?

The erstwhile village of Bestavari has expanded into a big city today. The village continues to progress in many fields. Visakhapatnam has been affected by many demographic and political changes along with educational, medical, tourism and industrial sectors. Visakhapatnam has been recognized as a good constituency since the first assembly elections held in the year 1952. 

Tenneti Viswanatham, who contested on behalf of the Kisan Mazdoor Praja party, won that election and became the first person to enter the Legislative Assembly. After the formation of Andhra State in october 1952, Thenneti Viswanatham served as the Finance minister in tanguturi prakasam Pantulu's cabinet. In 1953, in the by-election for Visakhapatnam seat, he was re-elected as Teneti mla on behalf of the Praja Socialist Party.

In the year 1955, AVB Rao contested on behalf of the congress party and was elected. In the year 1962 also from the same party he won again. Visakhapatnam has been divided into two legislative constituencies since the 1967 elections. Until the 2004 elections, there were Visakhapatnam 1 and Visakhapatnam 2, but due to the delimitation that took place across the country, Visakhapatnam was transformed into five legislative constituencies by the time of the 2009 general elections. Visakhapatnam 1 and 2 were canceled and Visakhapatnam South and east constituencies were formed in their place.

Velagapudi ramakrishna Babu, who contested from the tdp in the first assembly election for the Visakhapatnam east seat, secured 44,233 votes. The total number of voters in that election was 2,02,447 and a total of 1,38,104 votes were cast. velagapudi ramakrishna Babu secured a lead of 4,031 votes over his nearest rival Prajarajyam candidate Chennuboina Srinivas. In the second election held in the year 2014, velagapudi got 1,00,624 votes. He won by a majority of 47,883 votes against the nearest ycp candidate, Chennuboina Srinivas. In the 2019 elections held in the east for the third time, ycp swept across the state, but in Visakhapatnam, tdp won a hat-trick and velagapudi was elected mla for the third time. The tdp won only 23 seats in the state and one of them is East. The important thing is that even in the entire ycp Gali, it secured a total of 76,504 votes and secured a majority of 23,635 votes over the nearest candidate, Akkaramani Vijayanirmal. From this position, in the year 2009, the congress party was limited to the third position, and in 2014 and 2019, it did not even get deposits. The partition of the state had a profound effect on the party.

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