Alliance Troubles - Mingling is even more Tough!

• There's no reason to be united if you don't mingle

• Lack of unity in alliance is the main reason
(Amaravati - Herald of India)
Currently, it has become impossible to say which way politics is turning in Andhra Pradesh.. Especially YS Jaganmohan reddy is expressing confidence that he will bring his party to power as a single.. On the other hand, tdp leader Chandrababu is moving forward by forming an alliance.. But Chandrababu is afraid that he will not be able to bring his party to power as a single. He wants to mingle with bjp and janasena and form an alliance and take steps towards success.. but even here he is not getting the desired result. In a way, the real trouble started because of the alliance.
Especially after the formation of the alliance, tdp chief Chandrababu Naidu's real difficulties started. In Andhra Pradesh, tdp, janasena and bjp have become one, they thought that the war was with YSRCP.. But looking at the current situation, it seems confusing. It can be said that it is an alliance which is in a war with itself. Especially if janasena wants 30 seats.. it gets 24 seats.. out of which three seats are left for BJP. In these 21 seats there are candidates from tdp as well as from people who switched loyalties.

Especially the majority of seats were allocated as per the high party command. Honestly, tickets were not given to those who had worked for janasena from the early stages and those who had spent money. If tdp did not give tickets to them, the situation got worse and internal conflicts started. As part of the bjp alliance, 10 seats have been allotted and Chandrababu is struggling to give those 10 seats wholehearted.
Moreover, they are trying to defeat jagan by bringing up the same concept Viveka's murder case again and again.. But none of these are having much impact on Jagan's vote bank. It should be said that three parties have united here to data-face jagan who is contesting as a single warrior. But the lack of unity in these three parties is a plus for Jagan. If chandrababu naidu contests as a single person without forming an alliance, he would have gained a good name among the people, but now he also lost the trust and bjp is always having a tough time in the South. 

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