AP - Alliance Strength Looking Like a Bubble?

When tdp, bjp and Jana Sena formed an alliance, comments were heard that it was impossible for ycp to win in ap because of the alliance of the three parties. But as the days pass by, questions are being raised whether the alliance's strength is a water bubble. tdp, janasena and bjp workers are not interested in working together in many constituencies. While the meetings organized by jagan as part of the bus yatra are getting overwhelming response, the meetings of the alliance leaders are not getting response in that range.
There are comments that the seats contested by the bjp in ap are being given to the ycp as a gift. On the one hand, despite the scorching sun, people are attending Jagan's meetings at an unexpected level. It is noteworthy that Jagan's public meetings are also successful in the coast. Any party to come to power in ap needs to win at least 88 seats. It also suits ycp that jagan is on one side and all other major party leaders are on one side.
There is a strong feeling among tdp leaders that Chandrababu made many sacrifices and took steps towards alliances with the feeling that ycp cannot be defeated if he contests alone. The comments show that Babu said yes to the alliance knowing that there is a possibility of losing Muslim votes due to the alliance with the bjp but he did not want to data-face any problems due to future cases. The tdp leaders themselves feel that the alliance is not strength.
It is becoming a hot topic that ycp is getting more support from the youth. In Andhra, there is currently no wave in favor of the alliance but in favor of the YCP. However, according to the calculations of the analysts, it is understood that ycp has a chance of winning easily in 88 seats. The ycp, which is recruiting Chota Mota leaders into the party, is succeeding in making the party more vigorous in the villages.

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