Balayya, Lokesh, Babu &Jagan: Interesting Betting..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
Balayya, lokesh, Babu &Jagan: Interesting Betting..!!
- jagan has more majority than balayya, lokesh, and Babu.
- None of the above three come close to Jagan.
- In addition, there is a tough competition for Babu.
Election heat is not normal in AP. Betting on ap elections is not going on normally. Meanwhile, strange betting is being brought to the screen by ycp betting players. The betting is that ycp leader Jagan's majority will be more than the three leaders who are contesting as VIPs from TDP. If Chandrababu is contesting from tdp in Kuppam, lokesh, who lost in mangalagiri in the last election, is contesting from there again this time.
And balayya is in the ring for the third consecutive time in Hindupuram. In the last election, jagan got a majority of 90,000 votes in Pulivendula. In Hindupuram, balayya got a majority of 17,000. Chandrababu won with a majority of 30,000 in Kuppam. And lokesh lost in mangalagiri by a margin of 5 thousand votes. This betting is that jagan will get more majority in pulivendula than the majority of lokesh, Chandrababu, and balayya who want any of these three.
If Balayya's majority increases this time, it may be up to 25,000. ycp betting players estimate that it will be somewhere between 5 to 10,000 for Lokesh. It is said that Chandrababu will have around 40,000 in the pile. The majority of any two of them combined does not exceed 65 thousand. That's why, take any two of the above three. If you want to include Pawan, the situation is that betting is being done saying that even if the majorities of any two of the four are combined, they will not cross Jagan's majority in Pulivendula.

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