If you provoke us now, the consequences will be even more terrible.

If you provoke us now, the consequences will be even more terrible... iran issued a stern warning to Israel

Iran has issued a warning to israel amid a fierce war between israel and Iran. Last week, Israeli forces attacked Iran's embassy in Syria's capital, Damascus. Many people, including prominent leaders, were killed in the attack. As a result, the situation of war between israel and iran was formed again. Due to this there is tension in both the countries.

US intelligence had warned that iran was supplying weapons to Hamas and was preparing to launch an attack on Israel. As they warned, iran has launched an airstrike on Israel. iran has intensified its air strikes by deploying more than 200 drones and rockets.

Iran has already captured an Israeli cargo ship and now there is tension due to Iran's aerial attack. However it is said that no Israelis were killed in the attack by Iran. America has come to the ground in support of israel while iran is carrying out aerial attacks on Israel. The united states has intercepted and destroyed drones used by iran to carry out attacks, its defense ministry said.

In this situation, in an interview given by Iran's military officer, Mohammad Bagheri, he said that the attack was successful and that they had achieved everything in the attack that took place from night to morning. He said that the attack was carried out because the Zionists had crossed Iran's red lines, and warned that the attack was now complete and that the consequences would be dire if they retaliated.

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