Gudem's Political Landscape Shifting Against Minister Kottu?

Sindujaa D N
The upcoming election in Gudem, andhra pradesh, poses a tough challenge for minister Kottu Satyanarayana, the incumbent andhra pradesh Devadaya and Charitable Affairs Minister. Despite being the sitting mla from Tadepalligudem, Kottu data-faces significant opposition this time, particularly from Bolishetti Srinu of janasena, who is contesting as part of the TDP, janasena, and bjp alliance.

Bolishetti Srinu, formerly the Tadepalligudem municipal chairman, poses a formidable challenge to Kottu's incumbency. Although he lost in the previous election, Bolishetti has garnered considerable support and now stands as a strong opponent. The alliance of TDP, janasena, and bjp further strengthens his candidacy.

Kottu's tenure as minister of Debt and Charitable Affairs has been marred by corruption allegations and criticism of increased corruption within his department and constituency. The majority cadre also opposes him strongly, adding to the challenges he data-faces in the upcoming election.

Additionally, the Gudem constituency holds significance as it was the only seat won by Prazarajyam in the Ummadi district in 2009, and it has a majority of Pawan and Kapu social class voters. janasena holds a strong presence in the constituency, while rural mandals lean towards telugu Desam and the kamma community. The bjp also commands significant support, further complicating Kottu's reelection prospects.

In summary, minister Kottu data-faces tough competition from Bolishetti of janasena in Gudem, and the outcome of the election remains uncertain amidst the challenging political landscape and allegations against Kottu.

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