This comment from Sharad brought tears to my eyes.

This comment from Sharad brought tears to my eyes.

Baramati has become a hot seat for the lok sabha elections in Maharashtra. From this seat, on one side, ajit pawar has nominated his wife Sunetra Pawar for ncp on behalf of Mahayuti, and on the other hand, sharad pawar has nominated his daughter supriya Sule. Meanwhile, a comment by sharad pawar has increased the political temperature. sharad pawar has called Ajit Pawar's wife an 'outsider'.

NCP candidate from Baramati Sunetra Pawar became emotional when she was asked about Sharad Pawar's comment calling her an 'outsider Pawar'. Sunetra Pawar is the wife of maharashtra Deputy cm ajit pawar and is contesting the lok sabha elections against NCP-SCP mp supriya Sule from Baramati.

According to political analysts, the comments of these two leaders have also brought to the fore the issue of deeply rooted gender bias in society. Baramati parliamentary seat, which is the home turf of the Pawars, is seeing a data-face-off between two members of the Pawar family for the first time. This is the first major election that the two rival factions of the nationalist congress party (NCP) are facing since the party split in July last year after ajit pawar rebelled and joined the Eknath Shinde-led maharashtra government.

Supriya Sule, who is Sharad Pawar's daughter, is pitted against Sunetra Pawar, wife of her cousin Ajit Pawar. Sunetra Pawar is the candidate of the ruling Mahayuti, while Sule is the candidate of maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA). While campaigning in Baramati earlier this week, ajit pawar told voters that they had chosen his uncle Sharad Pawar's daughter thrice, but now they should choose his daughter-in-law.

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