Sushil Gupta - ‘AAP workers with farmers’

Sushil Gupta - ‘AAP workers with farmers’…

Kurukshetra india Alliance candidate Sushil Gupta said that every worker of AAP is with the farmers. PM Modi had talked about doubling the income of farmers but he forgot. The promise of making a law to guarantee MSP was also not fulfilled. If farmers want to meet PM Modi, rubber bullets are fired. Water cannon were used. Farmer Shubhakaran was killed. Notices were given to confiscate the property of farmers. bank accounts were seized, and the condition of farmers in bjp state has never happened before.

‘Four lane highway will be built from Pehwa to Yamunanagar’

Whereas Sushil Gupta said that if he wins the elections from Kurukshetra, he will make the single-lane highway from Pehwa to Yamunanagar a four-lane highway. Ring Road will be built around Kurukshetra. Will repair broken roads. The new colony has not come for a long time, they will bring it. The addiction has spread a lot, we will end it. Providing employment is a big issue. Agriculture-based industry will be established. Kurukshetra will be developed as a good pilgrimage site. If ayodhya can be developed then why not Kurukshetra.

Kurukshetra candidate said that special steps will be taken for the safety of women. Cameras will be installed from our budget. Along with this, he described naveen Jindal as a weak mp candidate. He said, how will a person who cannot raise his voice raise someone else's voice?

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