KTR Finally admits they did a Mistake?

Even before the heat of the last assembly elections subsided, the heat of the parliament elections in telangana was on. In this order, all the parties have once again started trying hard for victory. However, the BRS party, which thought that it would win the last assembly and win the power once again, data-faced a shock as the people of telangana sided with the congress, and in the end BRS had to settle for the opposition status.

  However, BRS, which was disturbed in the assembly elections, is determined to win at least now in the majority seats in the parliamentary elections. All the candidates of that party are already entering the campaign field. It is known that they are making universal efforts to impress the voters. However, although kcr, the leader of the party, is only participating in public meetings, the party's executive president, ktr, is regularly meeting with party leaders and giving directions.

KTR, who criticized the congress for many years saying that it was impossible to implement but came to power after giving promises, admitted the mistakes made by his government for the first time. ktr believes that state politics will revolve around kcr for another decade. For 20 years telangana state politics ran around KCR. He said that telangana has been made number one in our government. But we made some mistakes while in power. We could not identify the mistakes made in the case of Rythu Bandhu, Dalit Bandhu and activists. But we will correct the mistakes. We lost by a small margin. But ktr recently spoke in a meeting saying that he will succeed as a constructive opposition.

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