Why did CM Mohan Yadav give the example of LK Advani?


The chief minister of madhya pradesh has also reacted to the arrest of aam aadmi party national convenor and delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal. madhya pradesh cm Dr. Mohan Yadav has demanded Kejriwal's resignation, citing the example of veteran bjp leader LK Advani. He said that when the false name of the country's former Deputy PM lal krishna advani had appeared in a diary, he resigned from all posts and got the entire matter investigated. After this the elections were contested again.

madhya pradesh cm Mohan Yadav said that it is unfortunate for arvind kejriwal to go to jail when he was the Chief Minister. He should not be so attached to the position. He has said that there is a history of our country, when everyone from lal bahadur shastri to lal krishna advani resigned from all their posts even in small matters, and got the entire matter investigated.

kejriwal should resign – Mohan Yadav

cm Mohan Yadav further said that it is the moral responsibility of the public representatives that they should resign from the post if they are accused. After this, until the investigation is completed, they have no right to hold any kind of responsibility. Taking aim at arvind kejriwal, Mohan Yadav said that it is unfortunate that he is so obsessed with the post of Chief Minister. He should resign from the post. He said that two ministers of arvind kejriwal government are already facing jail. Apart from this, serious allegations have been made against two dozen other leaders.

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