Many kinds of troubles..., why did Pratibha Singh say this?


In the matter of bank account freezing, himachal pradesh congress State President Pratibha Singh vented her anger on bjp and said that bjp is creating many obstacles for Congress. Let us tell you that congress has approached the supreme court regarding this matter. congress leaders say that the party is not able to withdraw money from the account for election campaign.

On the other hand, Pratibha Singh held a press conference in shimla on friday and said, "Lok Sabha elections have been declared in the country, we want to expose the dictatorial attitude of the central government." At this time, the bank accounts of All india congress Committee have been sealed which is a serious matter. They know that this will cause many problems to Congress. He has created many problems for the congress party.

There was an error in the income tax return

The Income Tax Department had frozen the bank account of Congress. On this action, the Income Tax Department says that irregularities were found in filing income tax returns between the year 2018-19, after which the accounts were frozen. cm Sukhvind Singh Sukhu was also present in this press conference. cm Sukhu said that the way the account of the country's largest opposition party has been frozen just before the elections, it is undemocratic and wrong. bjp is adopting various tactics to make its political gains, but these tactics of bjp will not work.

We give account of every penny- cm Sukhu

Sukhu said that by imposing such restrictions on the expenditure on candidates or on campaigning, bjp is trying to show that it wants to gain power through these tactics, which congress opposes. congress is not going to be intimidated by such tactics. Such tactics are adopted many times. Whatever money is in our account, we give account of every penny and the Income Tax Department should take care of it.

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