Why many serious allegations against Pradeep Sharma?


Previously in the 1990s, pradeep sharma was no longer an unknown name. Due to the way this team conducted the encounter, pradeep Sharma's name started appearing in newspaper headlines almost every other day.

Perhaps it is said that pradeep Sharma's name was so widespread that its influence was visible even on the underworld. After this, seeing Pradeep's work, he was promoted and made Senior Inspector in the Crime Intelligence Unit of mumbai Police. By the time of this promotion, pradeep sharma had been in police service for almost 25 years and in these 25 years, he had encountered 113 criminals. He had also encountered many terrorists during his police service.

Moreover not only this, the name of the police who arrested Iqbal Kaskar, brother of Dawood Ibrahim, the biggest underworld don of that time, was pradeep Sharma. There was a lot of discussion in the media that pradeep sharma had a dispute with Vijay Salaskar, the police officer martyred in the 26-11 mumbai attacks. In this regard, pradeep had also presented his side while talking to a news channel. He had said that martyr Vijay Salaskar was his closest friend. We trained in the same squad in 1983. We were together for a year during training. After coming to mumbai, we supported each other for many years. We have also worked together in the crime branch.

However, during his 25 years of police service, many serious allegations were also made against him. One of which was the allegation that Sharma, on the instructions of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, had killed his rival gang members in a fake encounter. Apart from this, pradeep sharma had taken charge of Inspector Kandivali Crime Branch Unit in the year 2004. Within a few days of taking over the unit here, he had to data-face controversies. This is the reason why he was transferred from Kandivali Crime to Amravati after two years. Now, just a few days after serving in Amravati, he was suspended here also due to a case. During suspension, pradeep sharma was accused of murdering Lakhan Bhaiya.

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