Why BJP leadership canceled ticket of sister Pritam Munde, given ticket to Pankaja Munde?


Accordingly bharatiya janata party (BJP) has given ticket to Pankaja Munde from Beed in the lok sabha elections. After getting the ticket from Beed, Pankaja Munde has claimed victory in the elections. He said that he is hopeful that he will win this election and the public will fully support him. Pankaja Munde said, "I am completely confident about my victory. Because we will go to the public only with the development work we have done. This is my fifth election. I am going to contest the lok sabha elections for the first time but got Yes. I have 22 years of political experience."

Perhaps he further said, "The relations I have established in my favor and with other people. I have never made any distinction between caste and religion in my work. I have full confidence in the place I hold in the minds of the public. I am sure I will achieve a very respectable victory."

Let us tell you that the bjp leadership has canceled the ticket of sister Pritam Munde and given the ticket to Pankaja Munde. After her sister's ticket was rejected, Pankaja Munde said that she was grateful for the honor given by the party by including her name in the list of candidates. When his sister's ticket was cancelled, he said that his sister Pritam had done good work in Beed for 10 years. But there is some sadness over his ticket being canceled.

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