BJP's central government, Uddhav Thackeray claimed that concept of 'One Nation One Election' in the country


When addressing a rally in Guhagar in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, former chief minister uddhav thackeray targeted the Mahayuti government of the state and the bjp government at the Centre. The shiv sena (UBT) chief said that he never wanted to become the chief minister, but accepting the extraordinary circumstances, he sat on the CM's chair. At the same time, without taking anyone's name, uddhav thackeray said, 'Even if I became the chief minister, I was working for the welfare of Maharashtra. I gave you the post of minister and made you a member of the legislature but you betrayed me like this.

Perhaps the UBT chief said that even though shiv sena has been divided and its election symbol (bow and arrow) has been taken away, still Shiv Sainiks loyal to him from every constituency are telling him that there are good candidates in his party and his There is also a possibility of winning.

Moreover at the same time, targeting the BJP's central government, uddhav thackeray claimed that the concept of 'one nation one election' in the country is a step towards dictatorial rule. He said that bjp is campaigning with the aim of winning more than 400 seats in the upcoming lok sabha elections because it wants to 'change the Constitution'. bjp wants to win more than 400 out of 543 seats in the lok sabha because when it wants to change the Constitution, the opposition leaders cannot raise their voice. Referring to the suspension of more than 100 MPs from parliament some time ago, uddhav thackeray said that this happened so that many important bills were passed without any discussion.


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