Nita Ambani wearing the jewels of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan!

Nita Ambani: Nita Ambani wearing the jewels of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan! If you ask the price, your head will shoot!

At a recent event attended by reliance CEO and entrepreneur Nita Ambani, who wore the Mughal Emperor's kalki as a bank on her hand, the information about the price of this ornament left many in awe.

She wore a black Banarasi Jangala saree to the event and grabbed everyone's attention. This saree is woven by weavers with gold zari and indian silk. Also designed with delicately woven beautiful flowers with Meenakari work.

Nita Ambani, who was wearing a very simple jacket in this elegant and beautiful saree, as a way to add more beauty to her jacket, shocked many people by wearing the kalki, a jewel worn on the head of the Mughal emperor Shahjahan... as her hand bank.

"Measuring 13.7 cm in height and 19.8 cm in width, this hand bank worn by Nita crafted with diamonds, rubies and spinel. The jewelery is said to have been designed in a western style with diamonds using the pachykagam technique.

While this jewel worn by Nita Ambani is seen as a treasure... now it is said to be worth around 200 crores. A lover of exotic and antique jewellery, Nita Ambani... wore a huge emerald studded diamond haram at the anand Ambani pre-wedding party.

Its price is said to be around 500 crores. She also wore a ring called 'Mirror of Paradise'. This diamond ring was created with diamonds from the famous golconda diamond mines and was once part of the extensive jewelery collection of the Mughal Empire. It is significant

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