Prashant Kishor took a dig at CM Nitish Kumar...?


Amidst the ongoing political uproar regarding the citizenship amendment act, Jan Suraj's founder and election strategist prashant kishor has also given his reaction. PK said that when caa and NRC came and the sword was hanging on the people, then who stuck his neck in Bengal? Which brave man from bihar went to fight in Bengal? Did Lalu Yadav go or Tejashwi Yadav go? Or did nitish kumar go?

'We defeated bjp in Bengal'

prashant kishore said, "Nobody had gone. We had gone to lend our shoulders, to put our necks in the air. If bjp had won in bengal today, you people would have been standing in line and filling the forms right now. We have defeated BJP. If we have filled the air in the balloon, so we will also take it out, you write it down."

prashant kishore said- trust me for three years

prashant kishore said in his statement issued on tuesday (March 12) that the bharatiya janata party put all its strength in bengal but still did not let them win. You have been with me for 30 years, trust me for three years and I will change the situation.

'A solution to cheat the public was taken by forming an alliance'

prashant kishore made a scathing attack on cm nitish kumar and said, "If people have some understanding of politics, then I want to make one thing clear to you that they are again trying to cheat the public by forming an alliance in Bihar. people of bihar voted for him in 2015 and in 2017, this man cheated the people and ran away. You people of bihar will vote again, then this man will cheat you and run away, write it down. I have been with him, I like him more than him. No one knows."

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