BJP minister not aware of Citizenship Amendment Act?


After the implementation of the citizenship amendment act (CAA) in the country, on tuesday (March 12) in Gaya, Tourism minister of bihar Government and bjp leader Dr. prem Kumar said that the opposition leaders do not have any issue. caa has been implemented in the interest of the country. Should support CAA. The whole country wants this. The opposition is in despair, without any issue. PM Modi is being opposed by the opposition in every work. We will remain beyond 400 in the coming lok sabha elections. The public will vote out the Grand Alliance at zero.

During this, prem Kumar gave such a statement on caa which makes it seem that his information on this is incomplete. In fact, prem Kumar said that with the introduction of this law (CAA), people living in pakistan or bengal will get indian citizenship. It's a good thing. There is a good opportunity for our people of Sanatan religion, jainism and Buddhism, who are living in neighboring countries, that they will be able to come to india again and take citizenship here.

prem Kumar said that we had become slaves in the Mughal Empire. The country had gone far behind during the british period. To get rid of that slavery, the country became independent with the cooperation and sacrifice of many great men and countrymen including mahatma gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. pakistan was divided after independence. The leaders had worked to divide India-Pakistan in their own self-interest. Work was done to provide security to the minorities living in India. Work was done to connect it with the development of the country. How are Hindus living in pakistan being treated? women are being tortured. Temples are being demolished. Therefore, what PM Modi has decided by bringing caa will give them the right to live in this country again and we welcome it.

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