BJP criticizes TMC's candidate selection in West Bengal, alleging corruption and outsider issues

By taking a swipe at West Bengal’s trinamool congress over its list of lok sabha candidates, bjp mp dilip ghosh criticised TMC on Monday, saying that senior leaders of the ruling party are “corrupt” and new people are not willing to join them ahead of the general elections due in the next few weeks. “Senior leaders (of TMC) are corrupt and new people are not joining the party. They (TMC) have to bring candidates from Bihar, gujarat etc. This is the plight of TMC… Their party symbol has now become the symbol of corruption… TMC has never trusted educated Bengalis. It has trusted criminals like Sheikh Shahjahan,” Ghosh told

Mamata Banerjee’s trinamool congress (TMC) on sunday ended speculation of a possible seat adjustment with the congress by unveiling its candidates’ list for all 42 lok sabha seats in the state. Facing political heat over the incidents in Sandeshkhali, where allegations of land grab and sexual abuse against TMC leaders surdata-faced, TMC chose to retain 16 of 23 sitting MPs. Comprising 12 women candidates, the candidate list sported 26 fresh data-faces, 11 of whom were political greenhorns.

“Your inability to find suitable bengali Candidates, indicates that people who are concerned about their political future and prospects of winning have certainly refused your offer. Hence you had to lure ‘OUTSIDERS’ who are unaware of the ground reality. Also, by fielding a few lightweights, who have nothing but nuisance value as their USP, you have literally given walkovers to @BJP4Bengal Candidates,” Adhikari said

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