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education minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary held a press conference on sunday at the Circuit house of the district. During this he discussed many issues. On ED's action against RJD leader Subhash Yadav, he said that wherever the ED comes to know about something wrong, it goes. ED's departure is not a big deal. What did ED find, what happened? The team leaves when allegations are made.

Vijay Chaudhary reacted to amit Shah's statement

At the same time, 'land mafia will be hanged'. On this statement of amit shah, Vijay Chaudhary said that what has amit shah said wrong? What is wrong in this? The issue of taking a job in exchange for land is not a new one. The matter is going on in the court. Whether the mafia is linked to land, linked to liquor, linked to education, whatever is mafia. Taking action against this and crime has been the specialty of Nitish government in Bihar. zero Tolerance will be successful more effectively with the help of the Centre.

raj bhavan and education Department data-face to data-face

On the data-face-to-data-face situation between raj bhavan and the education Department, the education minister said that the government is doing it in the interest of bihar in its own way. There is no conflict anywhere in promoting education. Both are working together. The meeting was adjourned and the Vice Chancellor was about to leave. No FIR has been registered against the Vice Chancellors. At the same time, on the competency test of employed teachers, he said that on the demand of employed teachers, the government has given easy opportunity. Initially there was talk of online examination.

The teachers had told that there are very old teachers who do not know computers, so the final decision was taken after talking to the CM. Employed teachers have to pass only one of these five exams thrice online and twice offline. There is no problem for the employed teachers due to this.

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