OP Rajbhar can increase BJP's problems in UP


The hustle and bustle of Legislative Council elections has intensified in Uttar Pradesh. Voting for 13 seats of the Legislative Council will be held on march 21. Meanwhile, SubhaSP chief Om Prakash Rajbhar has increased the problems of BJP. Let us tell you that in the cabinet expansion, Om Prakash Rajbhar has been made a minister. After becoming minister, Om Prakash Rajbhar reached Ballia on Friday. He said that the names of four candidates will be taken to Delhi.

Om Prakash Rajbhar increased BJP's tension

Legislative Council candidates will be discussed with the bjp high command. The 'Gabbar' statement of Om Prakash Rajbhar, the new minister in the yogi government, was in the headlines. On the question of Gabbar's statement, he called the journalist an agent of SP. He challenged the journalist to ask questions on unemployment, education and inequality in society. Om Prakash Rajbhar considered himself a hero and not a villain. After taking oath as minister, Om Prakash Rajbhar addressed Subhashpa workers in Mau.

Know what clarification was given after Gabbar's statement

In the meeting in Mohammadabad, he had said, 'Don't go to the police station with a white towel, instead wear a yellow towel. If you go to the police station wearing a yellow scarf, the inspector will see Om Prakash Rajbhar. Further he had said that Inspector, DM, SP do not have the power to call and ask whether the minister has sent it. There was a Gabbar in the movie Sholay, consider me as Gabbar too. Om Prakash Rajbhar's statement regarding Gabbar became famous. When the journalist asked questions, he told him to be the agent of Akhilesh Yadav. Let us tell you that SubhaSP is a part of the nda alliance formed before the lok sabha elections. After joining nda, Om Prakash Rajbhar's long standing hope of becoming a minister has been fulfilled.

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