IT raid on the residence of Quantum Group Chairman Rakesh


When the IT team raided the residence and separate offices of Quantum Group Chairman Rakesh Srivastava and his brother company director Ashish Srivastava, people started asking questions that Rakesh Srivastava, who often invites MLAs and ministers to his personal functions, did such a thing. So that the income tax went after them. In 10 years, Rakesh expanded the business and empire of Quantum Group on such a large scale that he came into the public eye. Rakesh Srivastava also deals in medicines, apart from this he is doing call centre, job placement and real estate work on a large scale.

Rakesh Srivastava is an MBBS doctor but he never practiced and after getting the doctor's degree, he entered the world of business. Now after the IT team is on target, the curtain can be removed from Rakesh Srivastava's benami property and the source of these properties will be revealed layer by layer in a day by day investigation. Today, on the third day, the IT team also raided the luxurious hotel of Rakesh Srivastava being built in Basti and after assessing the construction of the hotel, prepared a plan. Rakesh's lucknow residence and office including the BPO center in noida are being continuously investigated by the IT team.

Team came from lucknow, Gorakhpur

After the formation of Modi government, the Income Tax Department is continuously cracking down on businessmen and politicians who have black money. Recently, when the IT team raided the residence of tobacco trader kk Mishra of kanpur, there was less panic. kk Mishra was accused of evading tax worth Rs 150 crore, after which kk Mishra's locations from kanpur to delhi were raided. In the same sequence, the team of Income Tax Department from lucknow and Gorakhpur also knocked in Basti and raided the residence of Quantum Group Chairman Rakesh Srivastava in Bairihwa locality of Kotwali police station area early this morning.

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