'Even if someone has stomach ache, but...', CM Mohan targeted..?


While addressing the Yadav Mahakumbh, Mohan Yadav said that there is neither any mp nor any mla from my family, yet he directly made me the Chief Minister. Without taking names he said that many people are suffering from stomach ache. I feel difficulty in taking the name, I feel hesitant. Taking aim at SP, he said that if you close the door and tell the family then you will not get a chance next time. Mohan Yadav said that my relation with UP is very old. I have come to my society's program today. I am the biggest example that everyone can get a chance in democracy. Taking aim at Akhilesh, Mohan Yadav said, as per one's vision, so is his creation. There are very few people of my caste in my assembly but still I get elected. He said that instead of talking about casteism, there should be talk of merit. He said that the temples were destroyed in ancient times, Ram's fight went on for a long time, evidence of Krishna's death is also being found. If god does not smile in mathura, it will seem incomplete.

There was a chief minister in his family

Mohan spoke on Akhilesh Yadav's silence in Shri krishna Janmabhoomi mathura case. If he speaks openly, his feelings will come into focus. He could not do anything while being in the government. There was a chief minister in his family. Even if the matter is in the court, it should be considered on the basis of public sentiments. Everyone should support.

'SP considered Yadavs only as vote bank'

During this, manish Yadav, a supporter of krishna Janmabhoomi and organizer of this program, said that today we have to give this message that Yadav should go with Mohan in Uttar Pradesh. Taking aim at SP, he said, "SP considered Yadavs only as vote bank till date and hence today the condition of Yadavs in Uttar Pradesh is worse than the Muslim community."

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