Why did BJP not give tickets to four out of five sitting MPs..?


There is a tussle going on between political parties regarding the formation of a new government at the Centre. Meanwhile, after aam aadmi party declared candidates on four seats, bjp has also announced candidates on five out of seven seats in Delhi. The seats for which candidates have been declared include New delhi, South delhi, West delhi, chandni Chowk and North east delhi parliamentary seats. bjp has fielded four out of five new data-faces in the lok sabha elections this time. Tickets of even senior leaders like Ramesh Bidhuri and meenakshi lekhi have been canceled. Sources say that there is a possibility of introducing a new data-face in the remaining two also.

After fielding new candidates on four out of the five declared seats of delhi, the biggest discussion is about why the tickets of these MPs were cut? The reason for not giving tickets has not been revealed yet. This is the reason why people are discussing this the most. It is natural to have discussion. meenakshi lekhi, Remash Bidhuri, Dr. Hashvardhan and Pravesh Verma are big names of bjp in Delhi.

This is the big reason for ticket cancellation

Many reasons are believed to be responsible for the names of new candidates emerging on four of the five declared candidates in the seven lok sabha seats of Delhi.

According to sources, the bjp leadership wants to send a message to loudmouth people like Ramesh Bidhuri and Pravesh Singh Verma that their statements have harmed the interests of the party.

Bharatiya Janata Party's political strategy in delhi is to maintain 100 percent strike rate. This time the bjp top leadership has set a target of 400. Therefore, the party does not want to make any mistake even by mistake.

Apart from this, bjp also wants to avoid anti-incumbency wave this time.

In the four seats where new candidates have been fielded, the party is more serious about the joint candidature of AAP-Congress. Ramesh Bidhuri has been representing the South delhi seat since 2014. One of his statements had become a matter of controversy. Whereas Pravesh Verma has been elected as lok sabha mp from delhi in three consecutive lok sabha elections i.e. 2009, 2014 and 2019.

According to sources, the feedback received on Namo App on the sitting MPs and the delhi unit had demanded changes. Feedback proved to be the main factor behind ticket cancellation.

In the feedback, young voters had expressed their preference for making a data-face like Bansuri Swaraj the candidate.

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