Jairam Thakur is also included among the suspended BJP MLAs!?


As per report the congress had started an exercise to avert the threat looming over the state government after cross-voting of its six MLAs in the rajya sabha elections in himachal pradesh and three observers sent by the party high command started a series of meetings in Shimla. vikramaditya Singh, son of former state chief minister Virbhadra Singh, further increased the party's troubles by offering to resign from the Council of Ministers. On the other hand, the Speaker of the assembly suspended 15 MLAs of the bharatiya janata party (BJP).

Meanwhile vikramaditya Singh, son of himachal pradesh congress President Pratibha Singh, said in the morning that he was submitting his resignation from the Council of Ministers, but after a few hours he softened his stance. After a meeting with central observers sent by the party to Shimla, vikramaditya Singh noted chief minister sukhwinder singh Sukhu's 'rejection' of his 'offer' of resignation and stressed the need for unity in the party.

Perhaps after this he told the media that he is no longer “insisting” on resignation. He also claimed that the state government was never in crisis. The crisis arose out of cross voting by six congress MLAs in the rajya sabha elections held on tuesday for the lone seat of Himachal Pradesh. The congress party has now demanded disqualification of these MLAs from the assembly and the matter was heard by assembly Speaker kuldeep Singh Pathania and reserved his order.

Moreover let us tell you that opposition leader Jairam Thakur is also included among the suspended bjp MLAs. These suspended MLAs initially refused to leave the house and their move was seen as an indirect attempt to stop the sukhwinder singh Sukhu government's budget from being passed by voice vote in the Assembly. The bjp wanted a division of votes on the budget because the party felt it would reveal that the congress had lost its majority in the state assembly. Meanwhile, the crisis was averted for the time being as the house passed the Finance Bill by voice vote, with no bjp member present. After this the Speaker of the assembly adjourned the session indefinitely. chief minister Sukhu rejected speculations that he was resigning.

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