The pattern of 'Operation Lotus', which Sukhu could not guess


rajya sabha elections played havoc with congress in Himachal Pradesh. Despite having majority, congress could not win the only seat in the hill state. The defeat of congress in the rajya sabha elections brought a crisis to the chair of chief minister sukhwinder singh Sukhu.

congress sources say that to save the government, the party will change the chief minister in Himachal. For this, the party has sent former haryana cm bhupinder singh Hooda and karnataka Deputy cm DK Shivkumar as observers to Shimla. Observer DK Shivkumar has held bjp responsible for destabilizing the government in Himachal. According to Shivkumar, bharatiya janata party is hatching this conspiracy to come to power.

Senior Congressman Pawan Bansal has called the political drama of Himachal as Operation Lotus. According to Bansal, despite the defeat in the chandigarh Mayor elections, bjp is not desisting from its nefarious activities. However, within the congress, chief minister sukhwinder singh Sukhu is being held responsible for this political drama in Himachal. congress sources say that the pattern of rebellion of MLAs is of Operation Lotus, which Sukhu could not realize in time.

Why did sukhwinder singh Sukhu miss, 2 points...

Before voting in the rajya sabha elections, Sukhu did not know how many MLAs were rebelling, even though he had the intelligence department of the government.

After cross voting, all the MLAs went to Panchkula, but Himachal police could not stop them. The home Department of Himachal government is also near Sukhu.

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